This is an 80.8% increase compared to the previous week

For the week of April 1 to 7 2017, the PLD (price for settling differences or spot price) in the southeast/middle-west and south sub-markets was set at
R$ 426,10/MWh, an 80.8% increase compared to the previous week. The PLD in the Northeast increased 17.7%, and was set at R$ 540,14/MWh. This increase is the result of lower expected flows, causing reservoir levels to drop, and the expectation that the energy load will go up in these sub-markets.

The PLD in the north has remained unchanged for the past six weeks, and is still the ANEEL minimum of R$ 33,68/MWh. Hydrology in that sub-market remains favorable and none of the thermal plants have been switched on. The North is shipping out the maximum possible amount of energy.

The weekly PLD is influenced by hydro plant reservoir levels, forecast affluent natural energy and estimated use of energy across the country, among other factors.