Figures for May already include the new risk aversion parameters

For the week of April 29 to May 5, 2017, the PLD (Price for Settling Differences of the Spot Price) in the southeast/middle-west, south and northeast sub-markets increased from R$ 331,01/MWh to R$ 448,58/MWh. This is a 35.5% increase compared to the previous week, primarily due to the update of the Future Cost Function for May, which now includes the new risk aversion parameters under MME Directive 41/2017.  The average PLD for April was
R$ 371,47/MWh for the southeast/middle west and south, and R$ 372,41/MWh for the northeast.

The PLD in the north has remained unchanged for over two months, and is still the ANEEL minimum of R$ 33,68/MWh. Hydrology in that sub-market remains favorable and none of the thermal plants have been switched on. The mismatch in price remains as it is exporting the maximum amount of energy to other sub-markets.

The weekly PLD is influenced by hydro plant reservoir levels, forecast affluent natural energy and estimated use of energy across the country, among other factors.



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