Aneel chose not to re-publish the spot price.


The Price for Settling differences (spot price or PLD) will not be re-published, despite the inconsistencies found by the National System Operator (ONS). This information comes from Reive Barros, Director of Aneel, Brazil’s National Electric Energy Agency, and the reporter of proceedings on a possible re-publication of the spot price.  Barros met with Reginaldo Medeiros, Chairman of the Brazilian Association of Energy Traders (Abraceel) on May 9 2017.

The possibility of re-calculating the PLD was discussed due to inconsistency in the data on eight plants, leading to a positive difference of some 360 MWavg in the gross amount of power generated in the country. This could have led to a R$ 30,00/MWh decrease in the PLD for the remainder of 2017. In the Abraceel bulletin, Reginaldo Medeiros stressed that, as in the past, the association is against re-publication of the spot price. Medeiros believes that prices should only be reviewed when mistakes were made. Otherwise it would make no economic sense as it leads to uncertainties up and down the industry.

On May 16, 2017 Aneel will meet to discuss a proposal to amend ANEEL Normative Resolution 568/2013, which stipulates the conditions for re-publication of the PLD. This proposal will then be submitted to a Public Hearing.



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