The PLD in the southeast/middle-west was set at R$ 103,07/MWh

The Price for Settling Differences (PLD) for the week of June 3-9 dropped in all sub-markets. In the southeast/middle-west and north, it dropped 13.2% compared to last week, and was set at R$ 103,07/MWh.

The PLD, in the south and northeast sub-markets is different than elsewhere in the country. In the south, the PLD dropped 71.6%, and is the lowest in the country. Aneel set the PLD for that sub-market at R$ 33,68/MWh. This is because the sub-market has reached the limit and cannot export any more energy. The PLD in the Northeast dropped 18.9% to R$ 127,60/MWh.

The drop in PLD across the country is primarily due to more optimistic flow forecasts published for the National Interconnected System (SIN), indicating an increase of around 7,200 MWavg over the expected energy generation potential.

The weekly PLD is influenced by hydro plant reservoir levels, forecast affluent natural energy and estimated use of energy across the country, among other factors.



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