An event at the Barretos Cancer Hospital included a lecture by volley-ball coach Bernardinho.


At an event held on May 26 this year, Comerc Energia honored the entities that donated energy to the Barretos Cancer Hospital (HCB). Comerc CEO Cristopher Vlavianos recognized Group Tereos and the São José da Estiva, Viralcool, Pitangueiras, Jalles Machado, Iacanga and Santa Isabel plants, and the Projeto Energia do Bem (Energy for Good). This initiative started in 2012, and has already donated over 10,000 MWh, resulting in more than R$ 2.8 million in savings in the hospital’s energy bill. In 2016 alone, energy donations enabled savings in excess of R$ 1 million, or 20% of the hospital’s energy bill. This type of effort supports the treatment of the more than six thousand people the hospital sees each day through the Unified Healthcare System (SUS), helping people recover lives affected by cancer.

At this event, Volleyball coach Bernardinho talked about “Excellence: achievements and sustainability”. “It is a great honor to participate in this event”, he said. In addition to donating energy from renewable sources, Energia do Bem also manages the hospital’s free market energy supply agreements, which Comerc does at no cost (pro-bono).

The next steps in the project include attracting further donors to increase the benefit for the hospital. According to the Comerc CEO, “the goal is to have all (100%) of HCB’s energy needs come from donations, and perhaps extend the program to other hospitals”. “Every day we invest more in technology, and that means we depend a lot on energy” said the hospital’s President, Henrique Prata.



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