Except for the north, the monthly affluent natural energy dropped in all sub-markets

 Source: National System Operator (ONS)

Source: National System Operator (ONS)

The ONS, or National System Operator, reviewed its projections for accumulated Natural Affluent Energy in the second week of September.

Except for the north, where affluent energy is 57% of the long-term average, accumulated affluent energy is lower than it was in the first week, and below the long-term average across the board.

The situation is better in the southeast/middle-west, where flows are 84% of the long-term average, down 8 percentage points.

Affluent energy went down more in the south, or 23 percentage points, and should be only 61% of the long-term average.

The situation in the northeast is more critical, where affluent natural energy is only 32% of the long-term average, a 4 percentage point drop.

Affluent natural energy is energy that can be obtained from natural river flows.


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